Comm. Antonio Vecchi

Love and passion for work, wide availability to the collaboration, focus on the development of the latest technologies, innovations in working methods are just some of the main prerogatives of our company, references and essential cornerstones of the economic policy of our founder, commissioner ANTONIO VECCHI.

This is our philosophy, this is the road we took in the past and the one we follow in the present, and the future that we are headed to with an optimistic look will be like this as well.

To reach new ambitious goals, we certainly need an increase in productivity, mainly with the purpose of improving living standards. We intend to continue with these profitable and lasting steps, drawing on previously acquired experiences, believing strongly in the present, feeling motivated and prepared for tomorrow. The Vecchi workshop was founded in 1909 by Arnoldo Vecchi for the production of machines and components for the textile sector. Times were tough but rewarded the enterprising Vecchi family, so that the company grew and prospered until it had up to 70 employees, both workers and technicians. In 1959 his son Antonio Vecchi widened the scope of workshop starting to produce special gears and gearboxes not only for its own machines but also third parties.
Continuous exposure to problems and different solutions applied in the most diverse sectors, from food to construction, from steel to plastic, just as an example, have formed our experience leading us to meet the individual needs of each client.

The work of Antonio was continued by his son Amedeo, the third generation, and today Marco and Sara Vecchi follow representing the fourth generation, committed to continue in the steps of the fathers who founded.

Today we offer our customers our experience in what is, by now, over one hundred years of activity.


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