If you need spur gears that will last over time and with a high degree of accuracy, rely on the skilled Officine Meccaniche Vecchi. The company based in Bergamo follows the whole design and production of artefacts within their workshop, building number of cylinders with custom teeth, pitch diameter or diameter hub, the highest quality materials.

Racks and bevel gears

At the Officine Meccaniche Vecchi you can also request racks of up to 5000 mm in length, form 30 and bevel spur up to 1000 mm in diameter, module 30. The production range includes the cylindrical, bevel, helical, planetary and worm gears for transmissions. They also build individual tailored spur gears. To meet all the technical requirements of industrial production, each piece is applied to form teeth, diametral pitch, and DIN 5480 DIN5482, UNI 220, 221 and 222.

Designed on the computer

Officine Meccaniche Vecchi cater to companies operating in the fields of machine tools, transport and mechanical engineering in general. The drawings, the calculation and design of the pieces are performed using computer systems in order to verify in advance the levels of resistivity and twist that the spur gear can bear.

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