Company for precision gearboxes

If you are looking for a firm specializing in the construction of precision gears and cylindrical gears, Officine Meccaniche Vecchi will be able to give you the best solution for your needs.

Various types of creations

For over one hundred years, the company has been collaborating with its customers with passion and expertise to meet all design requirements. Precision gearboxes in production differentiate into a wide range of types: for operation with parallel axes, coaxial, orthogonal, planetary gear, endless axis or eccentric or combined control.

The orthogonal models

The strength of the Bergamo-based company is the ability to customize the components according to specific customer requirements. The technicians have developed, for example, an orthogonal gearbox with a 2-speed gear. These precision gearboxes are used for motors of lifts, as well as cable cars in ski resorts. The central part of the orthogonal gearbox is constructed in cast iron. The services of Officine Meccaniche Vecchi include the modification and revision of these pieces of any make, model and size, performing operational controls and mechanical upgrades to improve their functioning. For any modification we use the technical drawings provided by the customer. The review is carried out on the body of the gearbox, on the flanges of the bearings and tapered roller bearings.


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