Among the mechanical constructions precision manufactured by the Vecchi Workshops there are all components of the kinematic systems. Thanks to qualified personnel and modern machinery, the company responds in a timely and reliable manner to all needs.

Gearboxes, gears and racks

The company works especially in the following sectors: food, earthmoving, steel, plastic. The company produces kneading machines, machines for packaging, for drawing and for many other related uses. Any mechanical constructions are delivered already tested and with warranty. The company, based in Bergamo, specializes in the production of racks and sprockets, couplings for various broadcasts, hobbing for external gears, gears for goods hoists, speed gearboxes.

Technologically advanced production lines

For the production of the items we use advanced machinery found at the Vecchi Workshops which are also constantly updated, such as: WMW S. Rocco Mec3 boring machines ; Heidenreck-Harbec gear cutters for bevel gears; Fromag and Gustloff throttling machines; Wanderer threading machines. The production department is set up with computerized systems in order to guarantee a that pieces that fail the the minimal tolerance tests are discarded. Mechanical constructions performed are designed meticulously to ensure each client with the highest standards of quality and precision, ensuring maximum strength and excellent performance.


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