Mechanical transmissions designed and built by the Vecchi Workshops are characterized by high measurement accuracy and total reliability. These components are critical to transfer the power to mechanical systems and engines. The Bergamo-based company builds the different units that build them up, such as gears, sprockets, couplings and gears, in a wide variety of models.

Creation of prototypes

Besides the production of standard mechanical drives, the workshop is supported by a design office specializing in the development of prototypes. These items are specially designed for unconventional machines for which you cannot find the gears on the traditional market. All items manufactured are tested and subjected to a strict quality control with tight tolerances; tolerances are then shown on the sheet supplied to the end user of the piece.


At the modern headquarters in Bergamo you can find the following transmissions: tensioners, chains, pulleys, couplings, bars, racks, gearboxes for various motors, bearings and their supports, cylindrical, conic and helical gears. The Vecchi Workshops are engaged in the production of medium and large gears, taking care of every product from design to implementation and checking with the customer the perfect functionality of all mechanical transmission implemented. The workshop also deals with revisions and is available for the repair of any type of component made.

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